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I am asking for your vote to restore democracy

Our voices are not being heard

We can fix this by ourselves

My campaign message:

  • Gerrymandering is bad for the country
  • But power in Congress goes by seniority — power to the people who get re-elected many times
  • So, unfortunately, gerrymandering is a smart and rational strategy for the states
  • Goal: Reduce the incentives for Maryland to Gerrymand
    • Approach: A Community Development Corporation (CDC), owned by our voters, will serve as a persistent interface for MD-4 district affairs
    • The CDC will hold frequent town meetings for MD-4
    • The CDC will track action items from those meetings and track the Representative’s progress on those items
    • The CDC will provide recruitment, training, contract support, and career opportunities for MD-4 Congressional staff
    • The CDC will identify and help win new Federal opportunities for people and businesses in our district
  • Benefits:


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