Campaign Announcement

To Whom it may Concern in the Republican Party in Maryland’s Fourth Congressional District

Today I announce my candidacy and I ask for your vote for the Republican nomination for the 2020 race for the US House of Representatives.

I am running because our elections no longer help us determine and act on our interests. Most Congressional elections have lost the benefits of competition.

Here in MD-04, there are about 50,000 Republican voters and 200,000 Democrats. Our District’s interests are, effectively, “whatever the Democrats want”.

Even as a lifelong Democrat, I know that “whatever the Democrats want” must be wrong for our district at least some of the time.

Accordingly, I have switched parties, and I am asking for your vote.

I am running as a Republican as an act of good faith toward a future in which we can once again discuss and resolve our political differences. It is much easier to disparage another person’s views than it is to listen.  

As your nominee, I will push for an election and a Congressional office that draws on the extraordinary range of talent and knowledge in our district. I am asking to represent your views, because your voice must be heard.  

Congress is inhabited by partisans who represent unbalanced districts like our own. We can’t fix that, but we can try to listen to each other here. A Democrat representing your views might get a hearing. Please vote for me to give it a shot.

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